Thursday, April 16, 2009

Updates and Sales!

Hi folks! I'm running a few Spring sales that I'd like to tell you about!

First up, a buy 3 get one free template sale (website only please). I don't have a problem if you decide you want to take up the sale offer after you've already purchased a template recently. By recently, I mean within the past week or so. Please use the shopping cart I have on my site for the 2 or 3, and email me your free choice.
Blog-Sets~ 50% off .Your Blog-Set includes the backgrounds, the logo and the code and instructions for inserting it onto your blog. (This sale applies to any pre-design, custom one of a kinds not included.)

I've also been getting a few emails from people expressing interest in custom one of a kind designs, but can't afford it at this time..I can totally understand this, the economy is still pretty bad...Please keep in mind, that I only require half down for the deposit and the other half upon completion, customs usually take weeks to complete, so that gives you a good break between payments.
Starting May 1st, I'm going to begin template "punch cards"..Kinda like those coffee punch cards you get, only for templates! I know a lot of you are template junkies *lol* and it only seems fair to get rewarded with freebies every once in a while, dontcha think? :)
As always, feel free to email me anytime and stop by my site, looking forward to hearing from you all soon!! :)


Janet - underthewillow said...

Hi Eleasa!....Thanks for popping onto my blog and saying hello!....things are kinda slow this week in my web shoppe but that is very typical for this time of year....I hope you like warm weather because I think the east is in for some heat this weekend....I am a winter lover so the heat does not agree with me so I will be indoors with the A/C on!....have a great weekend! Janet :)

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Eleasa, I am tickled pink with my new graphics!! Not only are you the best, you're the sweetest too! :> )

Marcie Hart - A Work Of Hart said...

Hi Eleasa!
I love your Work and Blog so "You Have Been Tagged". LOL :-)
Check my blog to see more!!!

Eleasa said...

Hello Eleasa, It's really weird typing that.. My name is Eleasa too.. I've never seen anyone with the same name as me before.

Any way you have some great designs here. Have a great day.


prashant said...

Not only are you the best, you're the sweetest too! :

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